Winning with high-quality products

Wahlstén has been producing horse equipment for a century and has gathered a lot of know-how over the years. As harness racing has evolved, we have been able to grow into the biggest Nordic racing and riding equipment manufacturer and supplier. Wahlstén’s range of equipment is the choice of many professionals, for example Timo Nurmos and Tapio Perttunen drive with our equipment.

We provide trotting equipment for every trotter and driver. In our range you will find harnesses, bridles, breast girths, blinds, boots, bits and many other trotting accessories. It is possible to customise the products to your own colours, and embroider them with your logos and texts. There is also a range of driver accessories for every condition, from hot summer days to rainy and windy weather. Our selection also includes high-quality monté equipment and pony equipment.

As we work closely with the equestrian professionals, we are constantly receiving feedback on our products. We only offer equipment that meet the high-quality requirements of professionals.

Wahlstén’s professional sewing department manufactures tailor-made driving suits in Lahti, Finland. The tailor-made driving suits are made accurately according to the measurements of the driver, and with the colours and logos the driver wants. Custom tailor-made driving suits are designed to work in different situations and conditions. The sizing takes into account the physical and technical requirements of the driver’s driving position. Multiple fabrics and liner materials are available for the custom-made driving suits so that the suit is comfortable to use even in demanding weather conditions. Read more about the custom-made driving suits, or ask your nearest retailer for more information! We also provide painting of driving helmets. The helmet is customised to suit your needs, so that the helmet is stylish as a whole.