Custom-made driving suits

Our skilled seamstresses produce custom-made driving suits in Lahti. W-Trotting Wear suits are designed for different conditions and situations. The measurements take into account the physical and technical requirements of the driver’s driving position. The suits are made according to the customer’s wishes with the colours, logo and patterns chosen by the customer. Ask your nearest retailer for more information!

Order form for custom-made driving suits >
In the form you will find the material and colour options, measurements needed as well as ordering instructions.
How to take measurements for custom-made driving suits >
So that the driving suits would fit as well as possible, you should take the measurements accurately. See the illustrated instructions for how to take the measurements. Make sure that the driver is wearing a safety vest. If the model of the safety vest is mentioned in the order form on the second page, you can take the measurements without the safety vest. Otherwise, remember to take the measurements with the safety vest on the driver.

Painted trotting helmets

Instructions of ordering Custom Made Trotting Helmets >
We also make custom-painted trotting helmets finished with the style of the driver. Check the order form via the link below and ask your nearest retailer for more information!