Timo Nurmos
Professional trainer

Timo Nurmos is one of the most successful and most prestigious trainers in Sweden. Nurmos is from Kemi in Finland and he trained horses in Finland for almost 30 years, until it was time to look for new challenges in Sweden. Horses trained by Nurmos have won numerous major races all over Europe, and on average the trotters of his team have gathered 22 million Swedish kronor in price money every year.

Nurmos was born in Kemi in northern Finland in 1959. In addition to working horses, his father had a couple of trotters, and Nurmos accompanied his father around Finland in trotting races. At the age of 15 Nurmos got his first horse to train from outside his family home. At the age of 16, Timo started to drive in races, and immediately in his first year he captured the victory of the driver’s league of his home track. After a successful career in Finland for 30 years, Nurmos headed to Solvalla in Stockholm, Sweden. In Solvalla Timo found the most professional horse racing, the best horses and professionals that he respected the most. In 2002 Nurmos received a Swedish training license and settled with his family in Stockholm. Nowadays, Nurmos has about 180 horses in his training stable near Stockholm.