Aada Lätti
Blogger & showjumper

Aada Lätti is one of Finland’s most popular horse bloggers. Lätti’s blog “Aadan hevoselämää” (Aada’s life with horses) tells about her adventures with horses. Lätti has an Oldenburg gelding called Marocco, with whom she competes in show jumping at the Finnish national level.

Lätti started riding at a countryside stable at the age of 6, from where the trip continued to a riding school. Lätti rode other people’s horses whenever the opportunity opened, and in 2004 she started competing in a 40 cm class. Later Lätti went to work for Nina Fagerström in Europe, and soon she got a horse to ride, mare Kapri. In 2012 Lätti bought her first own horse called Champ. Champ is a familiar horse for the readers of Lätti’s blog. Later it was time for a new horse, and the grey gelding Marocco came along. Wahlstén has been a part of Lätti’s journey for over five years. Today, Lätti lives and works in Helsinki, and is studying and competing actively.