Only for the best

W-Healing products are made with advanced dual technology. This means that both the ceramic fabric against the horse and the ceramic padding inside the product reflect the horse’s own heat back into the horse. This results in a strong heating effect on the treated area.

W-Healing increases blood circulation and reduces swelling. The products can be used after heavy training, as well as for the treatment of joint and tendon problems. W-Healing products are also good for older horses to remove stiffness. The products do not require a waiting period.

The W-Healing product range includes popular W-Healing wraps, hock boots, leg pads, boots, blankets, saddle pads and the W-Healing jacket for dogs.

W-Healing + Magnet products combine two complementary technologies in a whole new way. Magnet products have magnets of 1,000 Gauss that increase blood circulation and enhance the effect together with the W-Healing material. The W-Healing + Magnet product range offers blankets, leg pads and wraps.