Passion for riding

Wahlstén’s product range includes high-quality products for both the horse and rider. We offer durable and stylish accessories for everyday life and celebration. Our range includes leather accessories and other equipment from boots to saddle pads.

Wahlstén’s product families include W-Profile, Horse Comfort, Lami-Cell and Acavallo. You can read more about hand-made W-Profile products here.

Horse Comfort is a favourite brand for many riders. We have Horse Comfort’s high-quality riding breeches with both grip and full seats, as well as shoes, tall boots, chaps, shirts, jackets and many other accessories. Horse Comfort also offers popular safety vests for adults and children. Horse Comfort features a wide range of riding equipment such as leather girths, saddle pads, bridles and other bridle and saddle accessories.

The Lami-Cell product family includes durable and stylish products for the rider and horse. Safe riding helmets are the favourite products from Lami-Cell. We only offer helmets that are VG1-approved. Lami-Cell’s most popular products are protective boots, saddle pads and show coats.

Acavallo offers a wide variety of pads under the saddle. High-quality gel products fit both dressage and jumping saddles, and with them you can fine-tune the suitability and fit of the saddle. Many professionals worldwide rely on Acavallo’s products. Acavallo’s range also includes safety stirrups, bridle accessories and other useful equipment for riding.