To man’s best friend

Wahlstén has been manufacturing equipment for horses for a century, and now the know-how has been transferred to dog products. Together with passionate dog enthusiasts we have designed the W-Profile dog products accurately so that the equipment would serve as well as possible.

As the main material we have chosen high-quality Swedish Tärnsjö leather, which is a premium quality leather. The Tärnsjö leather is environmentally friendly and vegetable-tanned. The buckles and locks are durable stainless steel buckles and BGB locks. Our leather equipment is both durable and stylish. There are several colour and size choices for each canine friend.

The Beta material has long been popular in trotting products – and for a reason. The material is extremely durable and maintains its beautiful, bright colour. The Beta material can withstand water, dirt and mud, and is easy to swipe clean. The Beta material is therefore popular with many dog ​​enthusiasts. We manufacture collars and different leads from the Beta material.

We also have lovely leather products from Dog Comfort. Dog Comfort is in the same product family with the well-known Horse Comfort, and the quality of Horse Comfort is also evident in the dog products. The soft leather products are pleasing to both man and dog. In the Dog Comfort product range you will also find dog ​​jackets that keep your dog warm in cold temperatures.